Package 3 Board Policy Statements

Cyber Security
Essential these days, with ever increasing Cyber Attacks, for the Board to have a clearly defined approach to dealing with Cyber Security and this Board Policy is a good place to start building your defensive procedures from.

Disaster Recovery
Closely linked to recovering from Cyber-attacks but of course Buildings do still burn down or flood! How up to date is the Board’s approach? By starting from this Policy Statement is it time for a Disaster Recovery review?

Conflicts of Interest
Identifying and preventing Conflicts of Interest has long been a feature of corporate law and financial services regulation. It is now being given added impetus and importance by the Insurance Distribution Directive – make sure your Board Policy is up to date!

Data Protection
The GDPR is upon us. Make a sound start to complying by getting t your Board policy Statement in place.

Diversity and Equality
An increasingly important requirement. The UK Combined Code has been pressing on this for some time, and now the Senior Manager Regime makes it a requirement for Firms to have a Policy in place by 9th  April 2018

Health and Safety
It’s been around for so long – every Firm probably already has a Health and Safety Board Policy Statement – but if you want to do a review here’s our version.



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